Grafton Espace

Senior Stress and FEA Engineer

Job Reference : GTL-2022-05-104

Location: Spain

One of our clients is designing and manufacturing supply power systems for satellites around different customers in the world. They launched the company in 2014, delivering the first hardware units in the same year and since then, commercializing products for customers worldwide, as many satellite integrators and companies in the space sector. Today, they have developed more than 100 projects and have extensive flight heritage.

For them, as a Spanish-based international company, the new space sector is one of the most substantial businesses with employees working in Málaga, the south of Spain. Their team has a wide range of specialties and skills, including aerospace, materials, mechanical, and electronics engineering.

As the company is growing and they have exciting projects, they are looking for an FEA/FEM responsible engineer to participate in challenging tasks to give power to the satellites in each of their projects.

Skills & Experience:

  • Structural analysis / calculation engineer.

  • Obtaining stress states of the system, displacements, deformations, etc.

  • Interpretation of results and evaluation of the design, providing proposals for improvement and optimization.

  • Generation of reports (reports).

  • Modal, quasi-static and dynamic analysis of random and sinusoidal type.

  • Definition of boundary conditions.

  • Knowledge of metallic and composite materials.

  • Nastran NX + FEMAP software (or similar).

  • Understanding and Interpretation of the behaviour of the system.

  • 2D and 3D mesh of parts and sub-assemblies.

  • Experience in FEM analysis:

What they offer:


•  Join a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team.

•  Technological and innovative projects at an international level.

•  Professional career development.

•  Starting immediately.

•  Full time employment.

•  Position based in the beautiful Málaga city.